About Nom Nation

Nom Nation is a peaceful and bountiful land, populated by the Noms, happy edible creatures that contain special powers only released when consumed. The Noms are under threat by a corporate fat cat, Jabber The Gut – or in his official role - King of Food Convenience and acting head of the McFatass Corporation.

Jabber has stolen the sacred Book of Nom and torn the 10 sacred recipes passed down through generations of Noms by the Nom God. The texts describe how Noms can combine forces to protect those that eat them.

Jabber is creating his own giant Nom factory to control the Nom Nation and force everyone else to lard up and pig out on fat and sugar until their very hearts explode. These Noms are tasty but cleverly disguise their hidden dangers. Jabber has killed off all the world’s chefs in his rise to dominance, all except one...

You are Chef, a last lone cook, aiming to recover the Book of Nom’s missing pages and use the power of the Noms to end Jabber’s reign.


You must travel to the very heart of the McFatass Corp through the Land of Nom. The Noms are there to be eaten and will provide you with energy, protection and many special power-ups.

Understanding the power of the Noms is the secret to success.

It’s possible to combine Noms for extra powers. You’ll need to try out different Noms to discover what they can do. Some Noms will change your body size for a period of time to allow you to complete certain tasks. You can also find items that help you exercise to lose all your body weight to complete other tasks, but you will be more susceptible to injury.

Some of the special powers include Fart Jet, Rage Mode, Power Punch, Turbo Run and Super Sized. Way Too Skinny mode serves a purpose, but puts your health at risk so you won’t want to be too skinny for too long.

Nom Nation contains many natural hazards, but the most dangerous are the evil Burnt Bits, zombie-like beasts born from Jabber’s furnaces. The once happy Noms, they have zero nutritional value and their only purpose is to kidnap fresh Noms and stop you reaching Jabber.

Noms contain hidden vitality elements; vitamins and minerals and come in five classes. In any level if you complete the Magic-5 plate, or complete your vitality shield it will bring you extra health and protection. Variety is the key to a healthy life.

Although you fight alone, help is at hand in the form of the Nom’s deity. He may pop up from time to time, hovering on a cloud of steam to offer advice and tips. There are also guardians of each land who are there to help you on your way.

If you can pick up all the rice grains strewn through the levels, you’ll also receive bonuses and improve your rank.

There are five lands in the Nom Nation: Nature, Fire, Ice, Sugar and finally the Factory where Jabber sits on his throne of Noms.

At any time, you can visit the Temple of Nom from the map in your book and see all the Noms you have discovered and tried.

So, young Chef...

Rescue the recipes.

Find Jabber the Gut.

Turn him into mincemeat.