Nom nation is a game about food, and the effects it has on your body.

To complete your journey you’ll need to ....

Balance your eating habits

It’s important have balanced eating habits. Extremes might be funny or useful, but not for long... Your heart can get damaged by the type of food you are eating: keep in mind that you might need certain food to get through obstacles but choose them well so you don’t lose a life!

Use the Eat Well Plate to know what balanced eating habits are.

All foods are grouped in this way according to these colours, If you collect at least one of each segment you’ll be rewarded in the game... and in real life!

You’ll encounter all different types of food, and these can help or hinder your progress, so it’s wise to learn what they do.

In the game they have been emphasised in order to give you powers:

  • - Sugar gives you a speed rush
  • - Protein gives you strength
  • - Most foods replenish your energy. Sugary foods give you a temporary boost whereas slow release carbs give you longer reserves.
  • - Fats balance your energy, but add to weight more than sugars and carbs
  • - Green vegetables contain many vitality elements, but can also give you wind
  • - Understand and consume one of each of the five Nom classes to get a bonus heart

You can use the Temple of Nom to check out the foods you have encountered on your quests. You’ll be able to eat combinations to see the effects they might have in the main game, useful or otherwise...


If you’re overweight and continue to eat fatty foods, you risk ballooning until you explode. The safest way to slim down is to dance or exercise the energy off, or even play with a cat if you can find one.

If find you find a Boom Box and over-exercise you can achieve Way Too Skinny. It’s good to achieve certain goals and slip through gaps, but you are weak and vulnerable to damage and attack so get back to a normal weight as soon as you can.

For more information, check out these links, recommended by the Medical Research Council who helped us with the nutritional research in Nom Nation:

The British Nutrition Foundation:

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